A Prayer


  • Title: A Prayer
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: June 7, 2005
  • Key: F major


And I worry about my friends
I worry about my friends, Lord
Where are they gonna be
In the end
Are they going to be by Your side, Lord
Or separated forever
Lord, please take my thoughts and cares
About the ones I love
And give me Your dreams
Not mine--the ones above
My friends are more important
Than me
I know that You have saved me
And I want You to save my friends
My friends
But Lord, they don't know You
And how can I tell them of Your love
That You have shown to me
Lord, I, I don't know how
To love them
The way that You do
I, get bogged down with life every day
Even though it doesn't show
You know...
You know...
You know...
Lord, please save my friends
From their own selves
I pray this before You now
I know You hear me
And know me
But Lord, I just can't stop thinking about this
So I place this
In this place
In my life
In my thoughts
And all of this, in Your hands
It's all in Your hands
All in Your hands


A Prayer (interlude) (MP3)
A Prayer (MP3)


  • The interlude to this song is actually me trying to put the guitar "I Can't Run Anymore" song into a piano version. But it just didn't seem quite right... so the interlude then leads up to the main part of the actual song.
  • This was recorded on the fly; that's why it's more of a prayer... than a song.
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