Early Years

I never really intended to play bass. Never thought I'd be a "bass player", either. But sometimes things happen in life that we can't explain, right? Playing the bass is one of those things for me.

I started out playing this one entry-level Yamaha bass at church... until someone decided to borrow it indefinitely. I don't know how it all happened... but one day it was just gone. I figured it was for the best, though, because it meant we could try upgrading a bit.

The next bass was a jewel blue Ibanez GSR200 four-string bass. It was kind of a weird mix between a traditional Precision Bass and a Jazz Bass (with the included pickups). That bass is still alive and well... but after years of trying to play it, I figured it was time to move up a little... and eventually had the opportunity to move up to an Ibanez SR300. The pickups really do make a difference in tone.

Bass History

Ibanez SR300

Ibanez SR300

This was the first bass I ever actually purchased. Thanks to my friend (Andrew) this bass became a really affordable option! Time will tell of how this bass ends up being used... but for now it finds its spotlight on the weekends... and on the album (Still Waters).

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