• Title: Chemicals
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: ???


Verse 1:
These pictures in my mind try to trap me
But I think it's not the way Your Spirit works
Seems more like my old kind of malady
Still holding me hostage

Pre-Chorus 1:
I think it's my old brain
Trying to sell me away
With these old thoughts
Old thoughts so crazy
Tell me about it
Trying to get high on these chemicals
But deep inside my soul I cry

Chorus 1:
No more!
No, old brain, not this time!
I trust my Lord and Savior, Jesus
He knows my every need
This old thief can't touch me
Even if, even when you try!

Even when you try!

Verse 2:
These questions in my mind try to stop me
And doubts assail my ever weary mind
Want to remember there's no fear in love
Perfected by Your love

Pre-Chorus 2:
'Cause I am in Jesus
And I know He loves me
And I love Him
More than I ever
Thought that
I could ever do in my weakened past
And deep inside my soul I cry
Oh, Lord!

Chorus 2:
Please help me through this time
I know I truly love You
But I, I'm finding it hard
To break through these old fears
That rise up inside my ears



  • Part of this song is based on 1 John 4:18 (NIV)
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