Christmas in America


  • Title: Christmas in America
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: November 14, 2007
  • Key: G major


Wafting fir tree scent
Under a crescent
Glowing moon up high
In the cold, dark sky
Walking through the snow
Feel the ice wind blow
Giving to the poor
The kids just want more

Some people hustle
Others just bustle
Through the busy halls
Of large shopping malls
Day after today
Big store giveaway
The gifts a concern?
Still time to return

Off to the church today
It's been a while, okay...
Off to the church
Hey, Easter was yesterday?

It's been a while, yeah...
Easter was yesterday
It's been a while
The story's a replay

Hey, Easter was yesterday?
Heard the story
Easter was yesterday
Doesn't do much for me

More of Christ, it's Christmas
Less of Christ, it's Christ-less
It's the American Christmas



  • Note that this song doesn't necessarily take into account from whence the historical idea of Christmas comes.
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