• Title: Desert
  • Composer: Andrew Summers (inspiration from Ben Sullivan)
  • Written: July 20, 2006
  • Key: D major


Tired of sitting here inside all day
Rather go outside and soak up the sun
Heard something about a fun place to play
Don't need no water, quite the fun

In the desert
It's where I wanna be
In the desert
You can go there for free
(In the desert)

Heard a whole lot about the sand grouse
All the cactus and their romancing
A dry deserty place with no back house
And of course, the camels are dancing

The camels—
They're dancing
Look at them dance—
Backhouse, too!



  • This is meant to be a pretend cover song of The Rubber Dumpers' song, "Desert". I think my friend Ben came up with a pretend music group name called "The Rubber Dumpers" and the idea for a song about a desert, or something, back in school. Thanks for the idea, Ben!
  • And interestingly enough... I ended up in the desert six years later.

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