Do More Than Just Remember


  • Title: Do More Than Just Remember
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: January 21, 2007
  • Key: D major


I'm in a funk again
In a rut again, I know it
Hide the boring pain
Reach out, be nice and not show it

Watching some TV
Islam, (terror?), Christianity
Interfaith city
Say about God:
To "Remember Me"

So how's it be?
We be bowing and oh, praying
Yet forgetting Thee.
Oh, can't you see...?

Missing out on the One,
God's only Son!
Though we're doing right
We're only doing wrong
(on the inside?)

My message is this:
Want to please God?
Wanna make peace?
Well, put self aside
And seek
My Savior and Lord,
Jesus Christ

Then draw near to Him
And He will draw near to you


Do More Than Just Remember (MP3)


  • Sure, this song may sound naive. It was written after watching a TV special about a city dealing with interfaith cooperation (instead of conflict!) I can't claim to know the hearts of those mentioned in the documentary... the hearts of those in the city I was watching. From what little I could see, however, I just felt like something was missing within the dialogue between faiths in the televised city... and these youthful words came out.
  • The musical (and lyrical) structure of this song may one day be revised...
  • Looking back, this song has become a song to my later self.
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