Future Projects Ideas

Note: This list of project ideas is not listed in order of importance.
Project Name Description Cover
Summer '08 Ah... the summer of '08. I remember it well. It begins with times of second-guessing and doubts but it ends with hope.
Summer 2008 300.png
Spirit Fruit This album is a continual work in progress. It is a collection of songs that try to describe what the fruits of the Spirit really look like in everyday life. Songs that hopefully will continue to remind me of fruit I am so often missing in my life. In a sense, this album is a companion to Color Emotion even though this isn't about colors and emotions. This album is far from complete but I believe it will surpass the songs that are focused on my self.
SpiritFruit 300.png
Seasons Past This is an alternate look at the Dream World story. Instead of being told through the eyes of one character, this story is told through the eyes of five, unique characters. Seasons Past is an attempt at seeing circumstances from different points of view. Sometimes things in life just don't seem to work out for the best. But when looking at the same events through a different person's perspective.
Seasons past 300.png
Rediscovering the Instrumentals I've been meaning to redo the original instrumental recordings from years past in an effort to make them easier listening. The original recordings were only helpful for myself as a way to remember the often-improvised instrumentals. It may be a while until this project is completed... but I look forward to the challenge of finding "diamonds" in the rough.
Piano drafts 2004 300.png

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