Going Off to Camp


  • Title: Going Off to Camp
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: 2007


Goin' off to the camp now, Joe
Goin' out on your own
Quiet long month of time now, though
But soon you'll come back home

June, July go flying by
  And it's hard to wake in the morning
Sun in sky is getting high
  And it's dark to blue in a warning

Dew drops on corn twinkling husk
  And the birds break out in a chorus
Greens go low in glowing dusk
  And it's August now so soon for us

Long, long summer to change on
  And to spend far, far away from home
Post-day's work you'll feel a yawn
  And it's time to hear you on the phone

Walk with God when you're so low
  And it's up this mountain, on belay
More and more the Lord to know
  And to follow his path on your way


Going Off to Camp (MP3)


  • Written for my brother.
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