In, Yet Out


  • Title: In, Yet Out
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: February 5, 2007


The time finally drew near
Got turned down some time before
Maybe another closed door
You took away that fear

But now I'm finally here
Don't know what I'm doing
It's me I'm only fooling
In Japan alone here

Start walking around town
Getting a smile is rare
They just stare like they don't care
It really gets me down

Then joining 学生セル
Finally a place to fit in
And yet I guess I can't win
There go my dreams, oh well

I'm in, yet out
I'm in, yet out
I try to find my place
They don't trust my face
And I'm in, yet out
I'm in, I'm in, yet out


In, Yet Out (MP3)


  • If there's time in the future, it might be nice to rethink this song. Currently, it's mostly a long complaint wrapped up in a song.
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