Journal Pages


  • Title: Journal Pages
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: August 12, 2022
  • Updated: September 7, 2022


Verse 1:
Thinking about these days gone by
Wonder where the memories go
Dreaming about a second life
With hindsight I think I better know

Verse 2:
Taking some time to walk around
Ponder time in so many ways
Spending these days so close to home
With my friends in the modern days

Visiting the past
A place I can no longer go
But here in my journal
It seems so comforting and safe
A safe place to stay

But I know that
I’ve really got to go out there
And live in the present
Where the slow, waiting time goes by
Where the Lord still leads

Verse 3:
Talking about a better time
Recall those warm times in the past
Watching these days go flying by
With these pages turning oh so fast


These pages just move so fast
I want to keep going back
But maybe You’re calling me
To a new chapter to see

At least one where I trust You
More than I normally do
Then maybe I might just then
Stop trusting in my own whims

My tired mental eyes
Fighting all these lies
I need to trust in You
It’s one thing I can do

Turning over these pages
It’s so hard to do…
But not impossible
With the One who gives me strength



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