Light (album)


Light (album) is an album about light made up of short, English-based Japanese Tanka songs. Each song on this album is an attempt to put structured poetry to music. This album is also known as Christmas Gift 2010.

Album Details

  • Title: Light (Christmas Gift 2010)
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Recorded: December 2010
  • Released: December 25, 2010
  • Length: 28:55

Track listing

  1. Shine Together
  2. Perfect Love
  3. Lifted
  4. Sons of Light
  5. Dwelling
  6. Shine Forth
  7. Ministry of Light
  8. New Family
  9. Exposure
  10. Prism


This time around, I wanted to do something different for the Christmas Gift album. It is 2010 after all... so I decided to change the format a bit for this project. Instead of having the same old “verse, chorus” songs... I wanted to write some songs loosely-based on the Japanese Tanka format. A Tanka is kind of like a Haiku type of poem... but traditionally seems to have been chanted (or used more lyrically,) than Haiku. So, here are ten songs in Tanka format (in English.) Sometimes less can be more...

Christmas ʼ10

  • Instruments: Yamaha P70
  • Software Used: Logic Express, Pro Tools, and various plug-ins.


Light (Music Album)

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