Like David


  • Title: Like David
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: April 4, 2008



誰が神であろうか 我々の主の他に
誰が岩であろうか 我々の神の他に

誰にただより頼もうか 我々の盾の他に
誰にただ感謝しようか 我々の救い主イエスに

誰をまだ恐れようか 我々の光と共に
誰をまだ怖がろうか 我々の砦の中に


(direct translation)

Let's dance with joy, like David
Let's praise the name of the Lord!
Let's dance before the Lord, like David
Let's declare the name of the Lord!

Who is God besides our Lord?
Who is the rock besides our God?

In whom do we trust? Other than in our Shield.
To whom shall we give thanks? To our saving Lord, Jesus

Whom shall we fear? Now that we are with the Light
Of whom shall we be afraid? From inside of our strong tower


Like David (MP3)
Like David (band practice with Sasagu, Satoshi, Kei) (MP3)


  • Apologies for the low quality recording of the band practice version of this song. This was recorded during a band practice with Sasagu, Satoshi, Kei, and Yoshiki before an event leading up to our eventual mission trip to Japan. Even though it's evident that we were probably pretty tired of singing this song... I still wish we would have had more times like these before everyone ended up moving on in life.
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