Line to Home


  • Title: Line to Home
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: July 30, 2009


Xi Shi's dad is feeling better see
On his road to recovery
With tiny prayers in those few nights
Around with other little lights

I went for selfish ends despite
My only wants to do the right
And now I have a choice to make
Go the road my soul to take

And so Summer is coming quickly now
It's my chance to go back home
And now I don't know if I should go
(So confused now)

Interview now with the Father
I try fleeing the trip like fire
Talking times with Aniki
Things are fine 'cause he assures me

Group together and talking we
David's on the phone with Xi Shi
Something is probably going on
So I guess I wasn't wrong


We play some songs for at the dinner
I translate for my parents, the sinner
Talk on how I wasted time
To make a change on this line

Xi Shi is there but she's just fine
Tries to push the girls, a crime
Kinda pretty but I'm not interested
Pity party I wish she never did


And you know
At the time
I was so afraid of lines
To the place
In my mind
The land I once could find

And she says
That my smile
Is bigger more than a mile
More to come
Thanks to you
'Cause you and I are through

And I left a letter to Xi Shi
(It was scatterbrained of me)
When I slipped what day it was
(She could read those words I trust)
I had to tell her thank you
(For her gracious heart is true)
It may just have seemed a letter
(But I'll hope it's something better)


MP3 Line to Home (rough draft)


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