Piano-related scrapbook information.

Early Years


I was given the opportunity to take piano lessons beginning in second grade, thanks to my parents and my piano teacher... and was provided with a trusty Casio keyboard (also thanks to my parents). I would go to each lesson year in and year out until high school began... but (unfortunately) I would end up only practicing a little right before each lesson. Not putting in much practice time really stunted any early growth as a "pianist"... and I'm still sorry for wasting most of my piano teacher's time.

After high school began, I essentially gave up playing the piano... until a weekly opportunity to play hymns at a local care home appeared out of nowhere. Every week or so I would go to this care home and play a variety of hymns from an old hymn book given to me by a kind man named "Frosty". I think Frosty's kindness was part of what kept me coming back to play the piano at the care home.

Other people who kept bringing me back to the piano were my grandparents. During high school, my grandpa and grandma would come and visit from time to time, and I would try to play some hymns for them, as well. Those hymns probably never sounded like the hymns my grandma knew and loved... but I hope they were kinda close.

I still spent a lot of time away from the piano during high school, though, filling my time with sports, technology, and music appreciation. Again, I regret not having spent more time playing any instruments during high school... but then again, if I spend the rest of my life playing instruments or composing (in some capacity,) I'm actually glad I had a break from that during high school.

College eventually began and I still hid away from practicing the piano. By sophomore year, though, things began to change... I began experimenting with improvisation on the piano.

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