Piano Drafts 2004 B-sides

Piano Drafts 2004 B-sides

Piano Drafts 2004 B-sides is a collection of B-sides that were not included on the original Piano Drafts 2004 album. These leftover pieces make up the second instrumental album and continue to make attempts at developing moods and environments from a musical perspective.

Album Details

  • Title: Piano Drafts 2004 B-sides
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Recorded: Fall 2004
  • Released: Unknown
  • Length: 29:06

Track listing

  1. Foreboding
  2. Bits of Life
  3. Waking Up Again
  4. Pedalless
  5. Rain Waltz
  6. Bridge
  7. Rain Tears
  8. Raindrops
  9. Sunny but Cool
  10. Random 1/2


  • A set of B-sides that didn't make it onto the Piano Drafts 2004 album. It is an all instrumental album.
  • This was recorded with a cheap PC microphone connected to a Sharp Zaurus PDA. That's why the recording quality is so bad and there are a lot of extra "sounds" that make the music hard to listen to at times.


Piano Drafts 2004 B-sides (Music Album)

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