Summer Sky


  • Title: Summer Sky
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: 2007


Summer sky fades to night
Night sky fades into light
And light day fades away
Summer's gone and here it's day

Troubles and trials--it's hard, Lord
This tired life makes me want more
Pain and broken glass strew my path
Please take me soon and hold me fast

Memories--they're so hard to shake
Fear losing my past, dreams I wake
Sand in hourglass moves so fast
A blur, an instant, now the past

Friends--they pass me by in a night
I'm so cold, want to be a light
Where are they going at that pace?
Want them to know, to see Your face

Glory--someday I'll get it right
All eyes on me, please change my sight
When I forget, my will please break
To Your Spirit I'd truly wake



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