Tanuki Koji


  • Title: Tanuki Koji
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: February 6, 2007


One night I went downtown
Struggling with what to do
Left emo with a frown
Breaking down, feeling blue
I began looking around
And finally got a clue
A dream world calling me,
Tanuki Koji

At night, it's colorful
Different people sing
Some even bare their souls
And others just wear bling
Here it was never dull
Ever more so by spring
That time, I know I'd play
Later that year, someday

And as year's end drew near
I finally went out there
Pat came along to hear
A drummer makes a pair
And it helps ease the fear
People walk by and stare
It really is quite fun
But before long it's done

Now suddenly I'm in
Playing at Modan Times
Seeing a bit more skin
Singing these stupid lines
Edging so close to sin
Just so crazy sometimes
Wasn't it a bit odd?
I wasn't pleasing God

And then everyone left
I tried the street again
But no one heard a breath
And still when friends came then
It really wasn't (that) deft
Still it wasn't for Him
It was my foolish pride
Escaping from inside

Tanuki Koji


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