Up To You


  • Title: Up To You
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: April 29, 2007


Who has fixed what once was undone?
Jesus Christ, God's only Son!
Yes, You deserve the credit and praise
And up to You my voice I raise

My plans! I say
No, that's not the way
If you loved Me, you'd obey
All your heart, soul, mind, strength, I say.
But I'm still trying to find another way...
Just trust Me, okay?

I can't trust! I say
No, it's just not a good day
On your own, there's just no way
Remain in Me, I say.
But I want to love the world just for today...
Just follow Me, okay?!


Up To You (MP3)
Up To You (Andy re-recording) (MP3)


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