• Title: Victory
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: April 10, 2020
  • Updated: September 8, 2022


You, You, You have the victory
You deserve the highest praise, God
You deserve much more than I could say

You died on the cross for me
And You call me to follow, Jesus
I want to give my life for You
And I trust You, Lord

'Cause all this time
I thought I was fine
Until this dark night threatened me
But all this time, You’ve been watching me
And carrying me through this time
I trust You, Jesus
With my life

(repeat opening)

'Cause all these things
Thoughts that I don’t want
Things that I can’t understand
Thoughts that I never want to think
Words that I thought were extinct

(You’re) Breakin’ through,
Breakin’ through my shell
Where I thought I could save myself

(You’re) Breakin’ down
Breakin’ down these walls
Where I thought I could hide from all (optional on last run)

'Cause all this time
You’ve been more than kind
I want to repent before You
'Cause all this time, You’ve been more than kind
Patient with me more than I
I could ever be
In this life

(repeat ending)



  • This song was originally "completed" on Good Friday of 2020.
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