What Obedience Means


  • Title: What Obedience Means
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: November 26, 2021


Oh, I want to try to learn
Learn what obedience means
Oh, please help me how to learn
Learn what obedience means

Verse 1:
Lord, You’ve shown us how to serve
Even if it takes some nerve
Even when it got so hard

Laying down Your life
Setting down Your rights
Laying down Your life, Jesus


Verse 2:
Obedient unto death
Your example is the best
Even when I can’t make it

You carry me through
I believe in You
Please carry me through, Jesus


Please help me to hear Your voice, Lord
To learn how to discern
Please help me to obey You, Lord
To avoid assuming, repel rebellion
To get away from my old ways

I want to see Your kingdom come
And on earth to see Your will done
But sometimes I get in the way
Please help me, Lord, to not stray



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