Where'd You Go, Big Smack?


  • Title: Where'd You Go, Big Smack?
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: February 4, 2007


I want you to see the Light
But no matter how hard I try
It's pointless if it's not by the Spirit
So often I want you to hear it
That you would draw near
That you would fear Him.

Time is passing by, man,
And you may not live to see tomorrow
Though you might think it's just like sleep
I don't want you to wake up to infinite sorrow
But maybe to you it's all fine
That there is... that there is still time...

May sound weird, but it's a harvest, a harvest of souls
Those angels, the harvesters, are drawing near
Someday you'll see
It wasn't just the deeds.
I hope and pray, I really do,
You weren't one of the weeds.

Where'd you go, Big Smack?
Did you find the true path?
Decide to really live?
Find true life only He can give...


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