With Us to the End


  • Title: With Us to the End
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: April 9, 2020


May it be You that sends me
Not just where I want to be
(Even if) right here at ho-me
If it needs to be this tone

On the road or at my work
How can I serve You?
Better than in the past
Never want to desert You

I don’t deserve Your love
But I’m grateful all the same

Please show me who You want me to be
Though I try to take my own way… some days
May it be Your will for me, to stay
Please show me more of Your Way… today

And when I see You and Your throne
I know I'm finally, finally home
At last! How life flew so fast

But You did not leave us as orphans
You gave us Your very Holy Spirit

You’re with us to the end
Your Word is not failing
You’re with us to the end
With us to the end

You’re with us to the end



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