You Just Don't Know


  • Title: You Just Don't Know
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: 2007


Why, when, how long?
How long will you put it off
When will it sink in,
Why won't you listen?

I wanna build up legacy
Cut my teeth on life
Escape from reality
Just be me can't you see?

You just don't know
You think in fourths
But on the whole
Doubt started little while ago

You just don't know
You just don't care
Life's gone so slow
Doubt started long time ago

I've been thinking lately
Been looking at the scene
About the whole church thing
And I know what you mean

Places, many faces
All seems so sparkling clean
It's nice for some people
Not where you put your green

What about the long term?
Time's short in the grand scheme
Wake before it's too late
Life is more than a dream

He's there. He'll listen.
God is there. You can trust Him.
I just want you to know.


You Just Don't Know (MP3)


  • Written for an old friend of mine.
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