Your Will Be Done


  • Title: Your Will Be Done
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: April 22, 2007


O Lord, these days are just flying by
And again, I feel like I can't look You in the eye
So often I want things to change
But it's me You really want to rearrange

My feelings are going a mile a minute
And before long, I know I'm down in it
For Your holy Word, I need a thirst
To serve You and seek Your kingdom first

Walking with You I look to the days ahead
Glad You know how the story goes--more than read
You know what I need right here
Somehow, Lord, please take away my fear

How long until I see Your face?
How long will You keep me in Your saving grace?
How I long for Your kingdom come
That my own selfish deeds be done.
(That Your own, perfect will be done.)


Your Will Be Done (MP3)


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