Dream World

Dream World


Dream World is a chronicle of years past. A boy named Jonathan is given a mission by his master: to deliver his master's message. How the mission is to be accomplished is a mystery to Jonathan... as is the road ahead. As Jonathan sets out on his journey to deliver his master's message, he soon finds himself lost in a strange world known as the "Dream". The nature of the Dream is unclear... as is its origin, but Jonathan soon finds that he has no choice but to continue moving forward in this mysterious, new world...


  1. Dream
  2. Loud
  3. Quiet
  4. World


Hey You
Little Brother
Momo / Momo-chan
Willow Green / Xi Shi
Willow Mister
Willow Mama
Given Gift
Mrs Stone
Mrs Stylist
Second Offering
Cambric Child
Willow White / Rachel
Wise One

Story Format

Dream World is primarily based on one character (Jonathan) and the world that Jonathan perceives. The series is broken up into four parts based upon the time frame of events in the story. Here, Jonathan not only plays the lead role but also acts as narrator.


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