• Title: Revival
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: 2007


(John 1)
It starts with You, Your Word is true
The Word turned man, has lived and won
We've seen Your glory, grace and truth
You are God's one and only Son

(Isaiah 55)
Like rain and snow water the ground
Tiny seed grows into a tree
So Your word fulfills its purpose
Before it returns back to Thee

Revival, the word echoes again
Is it more than just a feeling?
Builds up in a spiritual moment
Fades away when you come down

(Romans 12)
I can't love the world and keep my eyes on You
Change my heart–it's the start of revival, too!

In spirit and truth
The time is now
To worship the Father
In spirit and truth

Return to You!


Revival (MP3)


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