Live in the Dorm

Live in the Dorm

Live in the Dorm is a short collection of songs that were used for musical practice purposes.

Album Details

  • Title: Live in the Dorm
  • Composer: various
  • Recorded: Winter/Spring 2006
  • Released: ???
  • Length: 37:01

Track listing

  1. All Who Are Thirsty
  2. One Way (JPN)
  3. Celebrate Jesus (JPN)
  4. Lord, You Have My Heart
  5. Every Move I Make
  6. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever (JPN)
  7. Open The Eyes of My Heart (JPN)
  8. O Praise Him
  9. O Lord, You're Beautiful (JPN)
  10. Sweet Josephine
  11. End Guitar Sketch 1
  12. End Guitar Sketch 2
  13. Outtakes
  14. All Who Are Thirsty (earlier version)


  • Praise songs (for the most part.)
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