Anointed One


  • Title: Anointed One
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: December 16, 2008


You bring good news to the poor
Breaking down those prison doors
You give sight to the blind
Release oppressed
This year of the Lord's favor be blessed

Anointed One
Your time has come
And the battle has been won
So let's take up our cross (pick up the pace)
and follow after Christ Jesus

They say the Spirit of the Lord is upon him
Was he not just chopping limbs?
Drive him out of town
To a cliff; try to push
But it's surely not Your time yet is it

You know, His title “Christ” is no second name
You might profane but can't hide his fame
Eternal Messiah
The Anointed One
The One and only ever risen Son


Anointed One (MP3)


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