• Title: Arizona
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: December 16, 2012


Cacti line
All the clean streets
Planes fly out
Where we meet

Rental cars
Food afar
That start to fade
From the sunshine days

Old west saloons
Whiskey cups
Pickin' and grinnin'
Sittin' and spinnin'
With all of our small talk
Here, there, everywhere

But sharing our hearts
Sharing our true thoughts
Is not something we can simply do
We put on our masks
Hide our innermost thoughts and
To let out our true self is rare...

As rare as rain in 'Zona

Taking notes
During the day
Before it’s time
They want to play

Back in school
We are too cool
Before that time
It’s time to drive
Just to survive

Nightlife calling
Cars in the car
Wagon camp at night
Stories of old
With the firelight
Now old scrolls unfold


Time is closing
A fire begins
Talk around
The camp within

Wind and smoke
Go on to float
Back to the bar
To try and think
For another drink

Stop to talk
Meet a new friend
Meet again in the end
From the Fatherland
Away from the lover
The Schwiegermutter


Late night parties
Where are they going now?
What can I say
To change their minds?

What can I do
When it’s all up to you
And I can only watch your lives slip away
To see how you all
Cope with the pain that’s inside
From all the stress of life
And your pride



Arizona (MP3)


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