You Make Things Beautiful


  • Title: You Make Things Beautiful
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: May 24, 2012


Look at the sky and I am like
Bounds are above me I can’t fly
Without wings
Don’t know how you do it
Others can look and they will say
Planets aligned in just this way
Might know how
Don’t know why you made them

You make things beautiful
  Yes you do
You make things beautiful
  Yeah it’s true
And how you do this, LORD
  When up to you
You make things beautiful

You prophesy resolution
Between your people and yourself
Passions high
Don’t know how you cool them
And you foretell the cornerstone
Firm Foundation forever laid
People weak
Don’t know how you persist

Your love incredible
  Yes it too
Your love incredible
  Yeah it’s true
And when you show it, LORD
  Radiant hues
You make things beautiful

Workin’ together for good
All things workin’ together for good

Workin’ together for good
Come on and work ‘em together for good

Let’s be workin’ together for good
All His people together for good
(If we love the LORD)

You make things beautiful.


You Make Things Beautiful (MP3)


  • This song is somewhat based on Romans 8:28 from the Bible.
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