Come Out of the World


  • Title: Come Out of the World
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: June 7, 2007
  • Key: E major


Come out of the world, come out!
Come out of the world, come out,
Out of your cave and see...
What He's made!

You try so hard
And fly so far
Seeking out the world
With all its perils
How it is out there
To show that you care?
But when you've had your fun
It's all over and done
What do you have left?
Anything more than a mess?

The world's against God;
Barely gives Him a nod
The world is fighting
And you're still deciding!
Is life for relaxing?
Kicking back and chillaxing?
His Word just for Sunday
Oh... and not say... Monday?
You still can make a choice
Please listen to His voice


Come Out of the World (MP3)


  • While this song was originally written for anyone (else)... it turns out that I'm probably the person that needs to think about these things more than anyone else.
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