Losing Todays


  • Title: Losing Todays
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: June 3, 2007


Where's the truth? Not in me... at least lately
Not loving You, the True Love, the One above.
I can point fingers just fine, like all the time
But it's hard to see 'cause something's in my eye...

Can't I see? – This sin's got a hold on me!
Just getting my way – living for today.

See these plans? I drew 'em, stickin' to 'em
Kinda mistake, got bills to pay; but it's okay
And I'm doing fine here... no, actually–I'm in fear
Well... oh Lord, I gotta confess, what a mess...

Can't I see? – This sin's got a hold on me!
Just dying today – please take it away!

And I know You're faithful and just
And will forgive me all my sins
That You'll purify me
From all unrighteousness
I want to walk with You
To worship You
But I'm so dead...
Please open my mouth
That I'd eat of Your bread
And drink of Your living water


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