Mind and Time


  • Title: Mind and Time
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: June 5, 2007


Staying up late
Gotta get up early
7 maybe... 9:30
Got lots on my mind
No time to unwind
The clock keeps ticking
Brain keeps on spinning
Turning on and off
Off and on and on and on

A lot to learn
Try to discern
What to do and who to listen to
And why I'm so down
Still hanging around
It's for a purpose
Though I can't see
Trapped now I am
Soon I'll be free

Time to rewind
It's so hard to find
I'm losing my mind
Just wasting time

Want to make time
Start to make time
Soon I'll feel fine
Lord, please focus my mind.


Mind and Time (MP3)


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