• Title: ie (Internet Explorer)
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: November 1, 2006


Internet Explorer
I have some words for you.
It's so hard to say
To explain the way
How you make me feel
I'll try to find a way

I'd help you
If I could
But it's too hard
Too late, you
Oh, you know it's true

So many times
I felt like something was
Finished and done
You had to spoil the party
And ruin my fun
Well, all I can say is

Come back when you're older
And more mature
You've got too many people
Wrapped under your thumb
It's not worth it, IE
Quit playing games with me!



  • I wrote this song because I struggle with working with the Internet Explorer web browser... I get everything looking great for every other browser but when I test something on Internet Explorer... it just looks messed up. There are times where Internet Explorer does catch little mistakes that should be fixed, too, but the added frustration...
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