Listen To Jesus!


  • Title: Listen To Jesus!
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: November 13, 2006


(Isaiah 64:6-7)
I'm like one who is unclean
I think I do right but everything,
Everything, it's all like filthy rags

No one calls upon your name
(at least when they mean it,)
Or strives to seek you, LORD
And you have hidden your face
from me, naturally

(Isaiah 53)
What about the Suffering Servant?

(Matthew 11:28-30)
Jesus says—
Come to Me,
all you who are weary
And burdened,
and I will give you rest.
Take My yoke upon you,
And learn from Me
You will find rest for your souls
For My yoke is easy
And My burden is light

(Luke 9:23-25)
But don't forget,
If you want to follow Me,
You gotta deny yourself (repeat)
Take up your cross (repeat)
And follow Me

If you try to save your life
You're gonna lose it
But if you lose your life for Me
You're gonna find it

So listen to Him!
Listen to Him,
Listen to Jesus!



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