Snowed In


  • Title: Snowed In
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: December 24, 2005


Yeah, it's another cold day
Hitting the sack, hitting the hay
Snow on crimson red berries
Waiting for snow to go away

ふわふわ it falls
Spins, twirls, and disappears
And I'm snowed in... again

Chara on the speakers play
Low voices on the telephone say,
"Intresseklubben antecknar"
I want to go out and play

This music makes me want
To get up and dance
TADD and keep it going
Let's find love's fruit, yeah


Snowed In (instrumental) (MP3)


  • Written on a cold day in snowy Sapporo.
  • Piano instrumental version recorded after time in Sapporo.
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