Only If It Pleases You


  • Title: Only If It Pleases You
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: March 7, 2007


Am I trying too hard?
Like I knew it all along
And like I'm not struggling...
To point out you're wrong

Life's just like a breeze now
Everything's under control
Yet up in the air somehow
Wait--was that Your voice or mine?

Well if I'm not trying to please You
(I) Shouldn't even be singing this tune.
And if they're not getting closer
(Then) I might as well stay in my room.

Am I out of my league?
Hit the nail right on the head
Am I right? Ha, no...
Felt as if I was led...

And still, I see you guys
Oh how times have changed
Trapped in all those easy lies
Think He might be calling your name!

Wake up...
I'm awake, I'm awake!
I'm still sleepy, I'm so tired
I hear ringing, hey it's a fire!


Only If It Pleases You (MP3)


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