Long-Awaited Child


  • Title: Long-Awaited Child
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: November 18, 2008


From mother to swaddle cloth
Wrapped around child, soft
A strange beginning
For one who is King
Shepherds from far fields
Give praise as they kneel
In honor of what will come
Praising God for His Holy One

You're the long-awaited child
The long-awaited child
You come to Your people but they reject You
Must be some other prophecies I don't see
Try to lay a foundation all on their own
While they lack the cornerstone

Grow from child to man
You stretch out your hands
To reveal the mystery
The fulfillment of history
Law and the prophets
Hand out the true profits
You bore the price to pay
Then showed You're one and only Way

And Your people hear and see
What's it take for them to believe?
The vineyard was placed in your hands
Yet you stole it from Me
Called it your own
Then sent away those who I sent from My home
Can this time longer last?
How soon did you forget your past?


Long-Awaited Child (MP3)


  • The purpose of this song is not to personally berate any of the Chosen ones but (rather) to reflect on things that I've read (around the time of writing this song,) in the Gospels... thinking about the parable Jesus gave of the vineyard owner and the workers who ended up killing the vineyard owner's son.
  • Also, there is still so much to learn about the role of the Chosen versus the Church (or a combination of the two...) as I continue to study; sorry for any future misunderstandings with this song.
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