• Title: Caravan
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: February 9, 2007
  • Key: F major


Left the station in a blue car
Headed to Bibai, it's not far
Tired traveler, you're almost done
You don't really know where you are
Went with Sam' and friends down the way
Gave out flyers for the cafe
No worries, Gon, it's all okay
And Peru (please), don't scare them away! (haha)

Only three, four people came, Lord
But I pray they won't be the same
And brother, I'm so glad you came—
I've been there, had some of that pain
Jackie, thanks for talking with me
Meant a lot, more than you can see
Miju, it was nice to meet you
Thanks for talking by the lake, too!

I didn't see a ring this time
Felt like yet another trial
Seeing you two as a couple
Like you're walking on down the aisle
Can't lie and say I didn't mind
Yet, be kind, accept what's not mine
Who is it, then? I'm still unsure.
How will I know it wasn't her?

Looking out over that ocean...
Time is slowly passing us by
Still wonder what you were thinking
If you were trying not to cry
Because she was going back (home) now
He's there but now you'll be alone
Though it's selfish of me, I know
I just wished (that) you wouldn't go.

On the road to Caravan...
On the road to Caravan...


Caravan (MP3)


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