Love, It's A Funny Thing


  • Title: Love, It's A Funny Thing
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: February 5, 2007


Did I fool myself?
Trying to find a sign
When I saw you there

Those cold (winter) night rides home
I couldn't figure it out
Why were you so kind?

And what about him?
Why did he make me look good?
Was he just a bit worried?

じっと eye contact
I turned around and saw you
What was that about?

And the car ride home
Why did I see your face
In the rearview mirror?

Crying while praising
Was it just about them...
Praising while crying

Sitting on the floor
Trying to jump off the ledge
To escape it all

And I'd imagine
You were only sad because
She had to return

It wasn't (just) the looks
You're at the end of Proverbs
It's your character

Trying to run back
To tell myself it isn't true/through
Love, (oh Love,) to be with Yuu


Love, It's A Funny Thing (MP3)


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