• Title: Easter
  • Composer: Andrew Summers
  • Written: March 7, 2008


夜明け前わ もっとも暗きは
忘れられない 主の苦しみは
持って行こう 主のための香油を

塗りに行こう イエスに油を
流している 永遠の涙を

シモン ヨハネよ マリヤ どうしたの?
なくなっている イエスのからだが
誰かが取っていったよ 主イエスを

速く急いで 何を言ってるの?
見に行こうよ イエスの墓を

マリヤよ なぜ泣いているの?
マリヤよ なぜ泣いているの?
どこに置いたのか 私の主を

マリヤ。 先生! おはよう。

主イエス・キリストは よみがえられた!
主イエス・キリストは 生きておられる!
いまいまもこれからも永遠に yeah!


Darkest before dawn
Must it go on so long?
Memories will never wane
He was in so much pain
Come now and take
These oils to honor our Lord

Here are the spices
Let's go anoint his body
But here I'm weeping
Eternal tears are flowing
Come let us go and see
The tomb where they have laid him

Simon and John come quickly!
What is the problem, Mary?
Listen, it's Jesus somehow
His body is missing now!
Someone has come
And taken Jesus' body away

Come now we've got to hurry
What are you saying, Mary?
Come on, come on let's go
You must come see his grave so
Hurry let's go so we might find out
Where they've laid him!

Why are you crying?
Came the voices of two angels
Why are you crying?
Sad because I don't know
Where they have laid him!

Good morning!

Now Jesus Christ, my Lord
He has risen from the dead!
Just as Christ himself long before had said
Now Jesus Christ my Lord
He's alive, He's alive, O yes He is
He's alive today, tomorrow
And forevermore, yeah!


Easter (early version) (MP3)


  • I still really want to redo the music to the last part of this song, someday; it just doesn't seem to fit, in some ways...
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