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Lyrical Albums

  • Fall 2008 300.png

    Before the Harvest
  • Still waters 300.png

    Still Waters
  • Dream world 300.png

    Dream World I
  • Life everlasting 300.png

    Life Everlasting
  • Light 300.png

    Light (album)
  • Forward in time 300.png

    Forward in Time
  • Promised one 300.png

    Promised One
  • Color emotion 300.png

    Color Emotion
  • Wind trails 300.png

    Wind Trails
  • Christmas 300.png

    Christmas (album)
  • Memories are photos 300.png

    Memories are Photos
  • Summer songs 300.png

    Summer Songs
  • Spring songs 300.png

    Spring Songs
  • Hokkaido 300.png

  • Tired traveler 300.png

    Tired Traveler
  • Fall songs 300.png

    Fall Songs

Cover Albums

  • Street live selections 300.png

    Street Live Selections
  • Live in the dorm 2 300.png

    Live in the Dorm 2
  • Live in the dorm 300.png

    Live in the Dorm
  • Christmas gift 300.png

    Christmas Gift

Instrumental Albums

  • Photos dvd soundtrack 300.png

    Photos DVD Soundtrack
  • Dads day 2005 300.png

    Dad's Day 2005
  • February eccentric 300.png

    February Eccentric
  • Piano drafts 2004 b-sides 300.png

    Piano Drafts 2004 B-sides
  • Piano drafts 2004 300.png

    Piano Drafts 2004


  • Chihiro-300.png

    Chihiro (album)

Live Albums

  • New-creation-coffee-house-i-300.png

    New Creation Coffee House I

Concept Albums

  • Christmas-trilogy-300.png

    Christmas Trilogy
  • Color emotion 300.png

    Color Emotion
  • Hokkaido 300.png



  • B-sides-300.png


Possible Music in the Works

  • Unfinished 300.png

    Life of Christ
  • Unfinished 300.png

    Dream World
  • Summer 2008 300.png

    Summer '08
  • SpiritFruit 300.png

    Spirit Fruit
  • Seasons past 300.png

    Seasons Past
  • Piano drafts 2004 300.png

    Rediscovering the Instrumentals
  • Unfinished 300.png

    Spring 2020 (code name)
  • Unfinished 300.png

    2021 (code name)

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